Innovative technologies, attention to every detail, optimal marketing policy help Brightfield Global company to create high-tech and high-quality products that meet the requirements of modern medicine. All products of the company have quality certificates and comply with the requirements of the European directive MDD 93/42 / EEC.

We create modern medical equipment, make it effective and affordable for every doctor around the world.

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Brightfiels Healthcare

Medical lamp L48

Mobile stand lamp 48 LED

Medical lamp L56

Mobile stand lamp 56 LED

Medical lamp L80

Mobile stand lamp 80LED

Medical lamp L87

Halogen side medical lamp

Medical lamp L88

LED side medical lamp

Operating lights LED160+80

Double operating lights 160 LED and 80 LED

Operating lights LED160C

Operating lights 160 LED

Operating lights LED40C

Operating lights 40 LED

Operating lights LED48C

Operating lights 48 LED

Operating lights LED56+40

Double operating lights 56 LED and 40 LED

Operating lights LED80+80

Double operating lights 80 LED and 80 LED

Operating lights LED80C

Operating lights 80 LED

Operating lights LED96C

Operating lights 96 LED


Stable speed syringe pump, a high-precision intelligent ...


Color screen infusion pump with SpO2 & NIBP

Otoscope LTI-2009

High quality professional otoscope

Otoscope LTI-2010

Pocket instrument for endoscopic diagnostic examinations of ...

Otoscope LTI-2012

Modern pocket otoscope with LED lamp

Otoscope LTI-2013

Modern pocket otoscope with LED lamp

Otoscope LTI-205

Otoscope /rheostat dimmer

Otoscope LTI-303

High quality professional plastic otoscope

Otoscope LTI-304

High quality Heine type plastic mini otoscope

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