Reprocessor SterixX

The Dr. Fogg ™ Aerosol Generator sprays a solution of hydrogen peroxide with silver ions or peracetic acid (OXIDAG ™) down to 5 - 20 µm particles, creating a dry mist that penetrates into hard-to-reach and remote areas of premises, disinfecting all surfaces and air.

The reprocessor SterixX is an epidemiological safety of endoscopic manipulations, health care of medical personnel and patients, as well as an opportunity to increase the service life of expensive endoscopes.

The reprocessor SterixX is an automatic system for low temperature washing and high level disinfection of flexible endoscopes of all famous brands.

Each processing cycle is standardized and documented.

Automation of the endoscope washing process allows: eliminate the human factor, reduce the risk of infection transmission, exclude contact of medical personnel with disinfectants.

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