Forcep and scissors

flexible and rigid instruments for use with cystoscope

flexible laryngoscope

the newest flexible fiberoptic laryngoscope


Flexible and rigid forceps for transurethral manipulation


forceps for rhinology


forceps for laparoscopy - grasping forceps, atraumatic forceps, special forceps

forceps & scissors

biopsy, surgical and gripping forceps, scissors, flexible and semi-rigid

Forceps & Clamps

the traditional arthroscopy instruments for arthroscopy

forceps and scissors for proctology

A set of forceps and scissors for the minimally invasive medical examination of the rectum


The surgical instrument for biopsy and removal of stones


flexible endoscopic instrument for the study of the esophagus, stomach and duodenum

Guide probe

Guide probe for use with laser optical fibre


handles for endoscopic instrument diameter 10 mm and need holders


Rigid and flexible hysteroscopes that allows to look inside uterus in order to diagnose and treat

ICU Ventilator S1100

The ICU ventilator S1100 with 12.1” TFT LCD screen displays

ICU Ventilator S1100A

The invasive ICU Ventilator S1100A features fully electric controls & ventilation modes

ICU Ventilator S1200

The ICU ventilator S1600 with 15” TFT LCD screen displays

ICU Ventilator S1400

The ICU Ventilator S1400 with an 18.5-inch screen and innovative ventilation modes PC-APRV and PC-ACV

ICU Ventilator S1400B

The ICU Ventilator S1400B with an 18.5-inch screen.

ICU Ventilator S1600

The ICU ventilator S1600 with 10.4 ” TFT LCD screen displaysis

for proctoscopy

a set instruments for used inside the rectum