Optical devices for laparoscopy

This endoscope is made of surgical stainless steel containing an optical lens train comprised of precisely aligned glass lenses and spacers (Rod lens system). It comprises of the objective lens, which is located at the distal tip of the rigid endoscope, which determines the viewing angle. The light post at right angles to the shaft, allows attachment of the light cable to the telescope. The eyepiece, or ocular lens, remains outside of the patient’s body and attaches to a camera to view the images on a video monitor.

Telescopes or laparoscopes come in various sizes 10mm, 5mm, 2-3mm ‘needlescopes‘ and with various visualization capabilities such as zero degree forward viewing, 30 or 45 degree telescope, zero degree telescope with 6mm instrument channel (operating laparoscope).

Company Brightfield provide full spectrum for telescopes for laparoscopy operation. Telescopes are made from stainless steel material. The instruments have anti-reflective coating surface that guarantee excellent visualization in a surgical field during a surgical procedure. Connectors are compatible with endoscopic equipment from leading manufacturers including the products of the company Storz.

Telescopes Brightfield

Field-of-view Diameter Working length Note
LAP_01 0 degree 10 mm 325 mm  
LAP_02 0 degree 10 mm 325 mm  
LAP_03 30 degree 10 mm 325 mm  
LAP_04 30 degree 10 mm 325 mm  
LAP_05 0 degree 5 mm 290 mm  
LAP_06 30 degree 5 mm 290 mm  
LAP_07   11 mm 270 mm instrument channel 6 mm
LAP_08   10 mm 275 mm instrument channel 6 mm