Clip applicator

endoscopic tools are used for stitching to overlay of plastic, biological and titanium clips

Dissecting forceps and scissors

dissecting instruments - forceps and scissors.


forceps for laparoscopy - grasping forceps, atraumatic forceps, special forceps


handles for endoscopic instrument diameter 10 mm and need holders

Irrigation and suction tubes

the surgical instrument for irrigated operative field and suck up liquid

Knot pusher

endoscopic instrument is designed to push the knots in surgical abdominal procedure.

Mono and bipolar coagulation

everything for fast and effective hemostasis


the surgery endoscopy tools for division and removal of large masses of tissues during laparoscopic surgery.

Needle holders

endoscopic instrument is used to hold a suturing needle for closing wounds during suturing and surgical procedures


laparoscopic fan retractors, fixed and deflectable leaves


the full range of reusable trocar for laparoscopy operation

Uterine manipulator

the key instrument in laparoscopic hysterectomy