Nephroscopy is not common for diagnostic purposes. The intervention is made percutaneously, the main indication is the removal of kidney stones. Especially stones which are stucked in the renal pelvis or which are too big for the ureter. The nephroscopy can therefore be regarded as an alternative to ESWL.

The percutaneous nephroscope from LUT consists of two integrated irrigation channels. The generous instrument channel offers together with the instrument bridge and a continuous flow nephroscope sheath a safe set for nephroscopy. Adequate instruments as grasping forceps, micro scissors and threefold grasper can be ordered separately.

Field of view Diameter     Working length Note
PCN_01 12 degree 15 Fr 280 mm angled, working channel 6 Fr
PCN_02 5 degree 19.5 Fr 205 mm angled, working channel 10.5 Fr
PCN_03 12 degree 19.5 Fr 226.5 mm angled, working channel 11.5 Fr