Dilatators and dilating bougies for urethroscopy.

Dilatators and cannulas

Cannulas, rods and expand instrument have been used for percutaneous nephroscope

Electrode and electrode loops

flexible monopolar electrodes for cysto-urethroscope sheaths

Forcep and scissors

flexible and rigid instruments for use with cystoscope


Flexible and rigid forceps for transurethral manipulation


The surgical instrument for biopsy and removal of stones

Guide probe

Guide probe for use with laser optical fibre


Stricture scalpels for the cold cutting of urethral strictures

Obturators and endoscope bridges

Components for transurethral endoscopy

Obturators and sheaths

sheaths, obturators and valves

Obturators and sheaths

Obturators and sheaths for urethrotoms

Obturators and sheaths

Obturators and sheaths for to damage calculus

Stone forceps

Stone forceps for cysto-urethroscope


instruments for suprapubic aspiration and working elements

Tubes and obturators

Tubes and obturators for nephroscopes

Working elements

Tubes, sheaths and ect to be use for laser surgery