Capnograph monitor

The Capnograph monitor measures the concentration of C02 in the breathing gas based on the NDIR technology. Different gases absorb infrared light of a specific wavelength.

The stationary infrared light source emits a beam of invisible infrared light through the airway adapter, and the respiratory airflow flows in the airway adapter. As the beam passes through the airway adapter, some light is absorbed by the gas mixture.

The absorbed beam reaches the infrared detector fixed at the other end. The infrared detector is equipped with two filters of different wavelengths, one of which has very strong absorption of carbon dioxide, and the other wavelength of carbon dioxide has no absorption.

The infrared detector converts the beam into an electrical signal, which is converted to a digital value and sent to the microprocessor. The microprocessor then calculates the carbon dioxide concentration in the breathing gss mixture using the ratio of the light of the two measurement channels.

Description Compact, battery powered, quantitative capnograph for mainstream CO2 monitoring of adult, pediatric and infant patients.。
Measurements CO2 partial pressure and respiratory rate
Measuring principle 2 channel NDIR type gas analyzer,No moving parts
Warm up Waveform displayed within 10 seconds, meets specifications within 2 minutes (at 25°C room temperature)
Calibration No routine calibration required
CO2 Range 0~99 mmHg

0~9.9 %

0~9.9 kPa

CO2 Resolution 1mmHg or 0.1kPa or 0.1%
CO2 accuracy 0~40mmHg       ±2 mmHg

41~99mmHg      ±8% of readings

When RR is above 80 bpm     ±12% of readings

Drift of CO2 measurement


Short drift: Less than 1 mmHg offset in 4 hours

Long drift: Meet measurement accuracy requirements within 120 hours

CO2 noise Noise RMS less than 1mmHg at 5% CO2
Total system response time Less than 500ms
Recovery time after

defibrillator test

Respiratory rate 3~150 bpm
Respiratory rate accuracy ±1 bpm
ETCO2 Calculation Method Peak of the expired CO2 waveform
Compensation Built-in atmospheric pressure sensor, automatic pressure compensation
Display 128 *128 pixels 1.44 inch TFT color display
Dimensions 51 x 43 x 45 mm
Weight <65 g  (Included batteries)