ICU Ventilator S1200

The ICU ventilator S1600 with 15” TFT LCD screen displays suitable for various types of medical institutions for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Acute respiratory failure caused by various causes or impaired oxygenation. Intraoperative, postoperative respiratory support and other respiratory treatments.

Reliability and modernity:

  • Simplicity: easy to use, easy to move with 4 wheels.
  • Choice: free adjustment of equipment to patients and procedures
  • Patient-centric ventilation: Accuracy in anesthesia, from traditional ventilation to advanced modes, including 8 modes: IPPV; A / C; PCV; SIMV; SPONT / CPAP; PSV; SIGH; MANU.
  • Flexible configurations to suit your needs.
  • International standard and advanced technology for a wide range of uses.
  • Compact interface and large screen will give you a better operating experience.
  • More than 2000 devices installed worldwide.


  • 15 ”TFT LCD touch screen displays ventilation settings, alarm information and oscillations.
  • The air compressor works stably with low noise level, creates a quiet environment for doctors and patients.
  • Built-in respiratory circuit.
  • Several operating modes, such as volume and pressure limits.
  • Interface with several monitoring parameters so that the user knows about the patient's condition in all aspects.
  • Dependence of pressure on time in real time, production cycle schedule and high-precision ETCO2 function, determination of O2 concentration.
  • Electrical control system PDKV
  • The breathing valve is disassembled and can be disinfected


  • Three-level alarm system, visual and audible alarm.
  • With many alarming, reminder and protective functions.
  • Self-check before start-up, elimination of system error.
  • Improved power control technology.
  • Availability of built-in backup power supply; when the external power supply is discharged, the backup power supply is turned on automatically.
  • Separate placement of electronic navigation and gas supply, safe operation of the ventilator.