Resectoscope is an endoscopic instrument for use in urology and gynecology for the purpose of resection of neoplasms under visual control. Tissue excision is performed using high-frequency high-power alternating current.

Urethrotome is a surgical instrument for minimally invasive interventions, which is designed to dissect urethral structures under visual control during stenosis, to provide access for resection and other procedures. Active and passive working elements allow you to choose the optimal kit for each specific intervention. All work items are interchangeable.

Functional features of the Brightfield urethrotome

  • The 3Fr guidewire can be inserted through the working valve of the urethrotome sheath
  • The inserted guide provides precise guidance of the cold knife, guaranteeing the effectiveness and safety of minimally invasive intervention.
  • The endoscope is made of high quality stainless steel
  • Optical elements of the device of the German optical company.
  • The optical axes are created using the patented lens shaft technology, which ensures the visibility of the entire field of view.
  • The cap and sapphire lens are durable and never wear off.
  • The valve is made of stainless steel, easy to maintain, protected from damage.
  • The connectors are compatible with endoscopic equipment from leading manufacturers, including Storz products.
  • Sterilization can take place at low temperatures.

Brightfield urethrotome models


Field of view


Working length


12 degrees

4 mm

302 mm