Irrigator-aspirator U9523 QB-1

Peristaltic endoscopy aquapunctator U9523 QB-1. An aspirator-irrigator is one of the most important tools when performing endoscopic laparoscopy

Irrigator-aspirator U9523 QB-1 is designed for use in hysteroscopy and arthroscopy. The creation of high and low pressure is carried out using sequential clamping of flexible hoses.

Features of the irrigator-aspirator U9523 QB-1

  • The design of the irrigator-aspirator completely excludes the ingress of liquid into the inside of the device.
  • The device is equipped with a modern low noise electric motor.
  • Pressure and fluid flow control is carried out automatically.
  • Pressure range: 2 kPa to 20 kPa
  • Fluid flow rate range: from 0.1 l / min to 1 l / min
  • When turned on, the device starts to work according to the specified indicators of the previous procedure.