Diagnostic set LTI-105

Diagnostic set (Bayonet connection system)

Diagnostic set (Bayonet connection system).

  • Otoscope head: pin contacting fitting.
  • Chrome plated fixed lens 4X in plastic mount may be removed for introductions for instruments.
  • Reusable specula: (2.5 3.5 4.5mm) included.
  • Ophthalmoscope head: pin contact fitting.
  • Lens selection wheel permits choice of corrective lenses from 0 to -25 and 0 to +40 diopters single large circle aperture.
  • Bent-arm illumination
  • Tongue blade holder
  • Plastic Nasal speculum
  • Chrome plated
  • Two laryngeal mirrors: #3 and #4
  • Handle Chrome plated
  • Rheostat for adjustment of illumination