Color screen infusion pump with SpO2 & NIBP

Color screen infusion pump with SpO2 & NIBP

  • 4.3” color TFT LCD screen (LED backlight), with resolution 272×480
  • Three working modes: Rate/Time/Volume mode
  • Drug library with 210 kinds of medicine
  • Storage 1500 history records
  • Heating function, suitable for infusing in winter or there is requirement for the
  • Liquid medication temperature
  • Support multi language display, with 6 hours battery autonomy
  • A variety of visible and audible alarm, make infusion more safe

Standard set:

Drug library, history recorder, heating function, drop sensor,remote control optional: SpO2, NIBP.

Why we add SpO2 &NIBP to an infusion pump?

SpO2 & NIBPare the most frequently used vital sign parameters, we make them work as one, to help doctors reduce cost and save space which is already very limited in the hospital room.