Innovative technologies, attention to every detail, optimal marketing policy help Brightfield Global company to create high-tech and high-quality products that meet the requirements of modern medicine. All products of the company have quality certificates and comply with the requirements of the European directive MDD 93/42 / EEC.

We create modern medical equipment, make it effective and affordable for every doctor around the world.

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Wireless convex ultrasound transducers - hand-held ...


The new generation instruments for ultrasonography with the ...


Wireless ultrasound sector transducer - a wireless array ...


This wireless probe scanner with integrated ultrasound ...


The ureteroscope is an endoscopic instrument used to ...


Resectoscope is an endoscopic instrument for use in urology ...

Vein Illuminator (pediatric)

The battery-powered pediatric medical vein illuminator

Vein Illuminator BR-1.01

Medical vein illuminator for hospital

Vein Illuminator BR-1.02

Medical vein illuminator for hospital


Medical vein illuminator 28 bright light emitting diodes


Medical vein illuminator 32 bright light emitting diodes

Video camera

Color mini camera, Full HD, HD – 180

Work inserts and elements

Working elements and inserts for precise insertion of laser ...

Xenon light source GL350-5

The Brightfield GL350-5A high intensity light source is ...

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