ICU Ventilator S1400B

The ICU Ventilator S1400 with an 18.5-inch screen and innovative ventilation modes PC-APRV and PC-ACV. The device is designed to work in all types of medical facilities where there is a need for forced ventilation.

The ICU Ventilator S1400B with an 18.5-inch screen. The device is designed to work in all types of medical facilities where there is a need for forced ventilation.


S1400В is an ideal solution for optimal space allocation. Its reduced footprint combined with the integrated working surface results in a remarkably compact ICU ventilator. At the same time its cutting-edge technology makes for a modular platform, which can be upgraded to support the most demanding procedures.

The innovative user interface and the 18.5” touchscreen expedite the workflow through an unprecedented user-friendliness.

The ergonomic design offers an ideal balance between working surface and footprint. S1400В is a very compact ICU ventilator with an integrated working surface. A tactile APL valve is neatly integrated into the working surface on the patient side. Other mechanical controls are easily accessible in the same vicinity. A vertical side rail is also provided to mount additional equipment alongside the working surface.

There is increasing preclinical evidence that mimicking the physiological variability in tidal volume is a new method to facilitate lung recruitment and reduce the risk of ventilator-induced lung injury. That is why in Medec’s volume control the tidal volume can be set with a degree of variability of 75 – 200 percent. These random breath-to-breath variations in tidal volume allow you to mimic spontaneous breathing during mechanical ventilation. VVV is available as an option.


  • 18.5-inch touch screen large screen with a clear display of all functions;
  • Display of 5 curves and 3 loops;
  • Three-level alarm system, visual and audible alarm;
  • Self-test before starting, eliminating a system error;
  • Improved power system control technology;
  • Availability of built-in backup power supply; when the external power source is discharged, the backup power source turns on automatically.
  • Separate placement of electronic module and gas supply system.