Brightfield Global took part in Arab Health International Medical Exhibition on June 21-24, 2021, Dubai, UAE.

At the exhibition, Brightfield Global presented equipment for minimally invasive surgery of Brightfield endoscopes trade mark, in particular, a set of endoscopic equipment (endoscopy tower). All devices included in the set are optimized for collaboration and represent a single integrated complex aimed at successfully and efficiently solving the assigned clinical tasks. The set includes a video system, a light source, an aspiration and irrigation system, an insufflator, a coagulator, instruments for endosurgery, a monitor. The complete set of the endoscopy tower is formed according to the scope of application: urology, gynecology, laparoscopy, traumatology, gastroenterology.

The SterixX dry fog disinfection aerosol generator of Dr. Fogg model was of great interest among foreign specialists from the Middle East. The aerosol generator is quite simple to operate. The method of aerosol disinfection is automatic, excluding the influence of the human factor on the disinfection process. The principle of operation of the generator is based on the transformation of a liquid disinfectant into a state of a finely dispersed aerosol, which fills the entire volume of the room and disinfects the surfaces of objects: walls, floor, equipment, accessories.

The SterixX automatic washing and disinfection unit for flexible endoscopes, presented at the Brightfield Global stand, is a new development of the company, which also attracted the interest of visitors of the exhibition. The technical and functional parameters of the SterixX unit allow avoiding personnel contact with disinfectants, standardizing the disinfection process in all modes, eliminating the human factor, and significantly increasing the service life of expensive endoscope

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