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In the scientific laboratory of Mechnikov Institute of Microbiology and Immunology of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine (DU "IMI NAMN") from March to July 2021, tests of the effectiveness of disinfection were carried out using Dr. Fogg Aerosol Generator manufactured by "Brightfield Ukraine" and the "Oxidag Silver" disinfectant. Based on the results of the tests, recommendations were developed to determine the most optimal disinfection modes.

In the results of the research work of the laboratory of biochemistry and biotechnology, it is noted that finely dispersed spraying of a disinfectant (dry fog) is an effective means of disinfection of multiresistant pathogens of bacterial, fungal infections and Clostridioides difficile spores with a high level of contamination (7,0 lg CFU/сm2). At the same time, the effectiveness of disinfection directly depended on the concentration of the agent, exposure and dosage regimen of the agent.

Based on the study, the specialists of DU "IMI NAMN" found it expedient to use Dr. Fogg Aerosol Generator and “Oksidag Silver” for disinfection in healthcare and social institutions.

In addition, practical recommendations were given on the optimal use of disinfection modes and disinfectant concentrations, taking into account the category of premises and type of surfaces.

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