Scope of application

Medical institutions

Medical institutions

Hospitals, outpatient clinics and pharmacies. Warehouses of medicines and medical equipment. Searching effective disinfectants in hospitals is a major challenge for modern administrative institutions and infection control professionals.
Unfortunately, many popular solutions lack the efficiency and effectiveness required to destroy infectious materials in the harsh hospital environment. These pathogens are hidden anywhere - from bed rails to shaded corners - and are often out of the reach of sprays, wipes, and UV radiation. Outpatient surgical centers offer patients the convenience of performing certain operations and procedures outside the hospital. However, like surgical departments in hospitals, outpatient surgical centers are characterized by high throughput and significant impact, which makes patients vulnerable to various pathogens, some of which, such as C. difficile, are particularly resistant to disinfectants.

Social institutions

Preschool institutions. Educational institutions

Due to the proximity of sharing materials, preschoolers, schoolchildren, students and teachers may come into contact with pathogens such as norovirus, influenza, rhinovirus and MRSA. From school canteens to playrooms, toilets and classrooms where children spend most of their days, the school is filled with numerous spaces and places that need effective disinfectants. With even greater concerns about immunization-resistant influenza and life-threatening pathogens such as C. difficile, school administrators are increasingly adopting a room-wide disinfection strategy.

Long-term care institutions

In long-term care facilities, patients spend most of their time, which should be regularly disinfected to eliminate pathogens such as C. difficile.

Emergency response services and military

Disinfecting the entire facility - from emergency vehicles to military units and support systems - is critical to the first responders and military forces that are tasked with protecting us. To combat the spread of disease among these workers, many of whom often live in the same room or in crowded areas where infection is more likely to spread, it is imperative to use an entire room disinfection solution.

Correctional facilities

Pathogens can easily spread in public areas such as correctional facilities, making infectious disease outbreaks a serious problem. By means of aerosol disinfection the general rooms in establishments of compulsory use can achieve the highest standards of efficiency, usability and accessibility while disinfecting the entire area.

Special vehicles

Vehicles that serve vulnerable populations, fire trucks and ambulatory vehicles have an increased chance of transferring pathogens that could infect your team. Since ambulances often do not have long downtime for disinfection, the aerosol disinfection system can effectively disinfect vehicles, minimizing the downtime of rescue and emergency and fire trucks.

Laboratories, research centers and pharmaceutical production

For pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical research organizations in the life sciences industry, keeping the research and animal testing facilities clean is critical to the success of the project.

Offices and government facilities

There are many common environments in offices - from general to group workplaces. Whereas previously offices relied on routine cleaning every night to freshen up these common areas, today employees are demanding stricter standards for disinfecting the entire premises to prevent the spread of diseases such as COVID-19. In offices, from conference rooms to rest rooms, the challenge is to disinfect many surfaces that are subject to strong contact such as doorknobs, tables and chairs, where pathogens can be hidden.

Sports clubs and beauty salons

Due to shared equipment, humid environment and limited disinfection time between uses, these items may contain pathogens such as MRSA and others. To ensure the effective destruction of pathogens, it is extremely important to use solutions to disinfect the entire room.